Charlotte, VT

Site description:

Rural pastoral site with open views.


The goal of this project was to create a house with as little environmental impact as possible while maintaining a high level of design and detail. The house takes its cues from the local rural context expressed in the simple forms of barns and farmhouses. By using state of the art design strategies for the ground source heat pump, in conjunction with high efficiency lighting and appliances, the house has been designed to have a net zero energy use and emit zero carbon emissions. It uses electricity generated on site with its 10KW net-metered wind turbine for all heating, hot water, lighting and appliances. The house maximizes energy efficiency by its orientation and simple massing. It is a super insulated passive solar house with an open plan that allows southern daylight to enter all living spaces. In addition to being 5+ star Energy Star rated and Vermont Builds Greener certified, the house has also received the US Green Building Council’s highest LEED rating of platinum, the first one in Vermont


·  zero net energy home
·  energy star - 5+ star rated
·  certified LEED platinum
· sustainable materials
· geothermal heating system
· 10 KW wind turbine

This house has achieved and documented Net Zero energy use


5+ ENERGY STAR Rated (0 HERS Score)

LEED Platinum Certified 2007

Vermont Builds Greener Certified 2007


VGBN's Vermont's Greenest Building Award in 2012.

Sustainable Building Industry Council 2009 High Performance Building Award

Won NESEA's Zero Net Energy Building Award in 2009

The 2008 AIA Vermont Honor Award in Sustainability and Design

Efficiency Vermont's Best of the Best Award in 2008 for houses 2000 to 3000 SF


Journal of Light Construction, November 2010 ‘Netting Zero In A Cold Climate’ by David Pill

Fine Homebuilding Magazine February/March 2010 Issue 209. ‘A Close Look: Zero Energy Homes.” 

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Published online:

Green Building Advisor


Photography by: Westphalen Photography



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